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The Most Beautiful Rot


The Most Beautiful Rot is a secret peek into the backyards and living rooms of young queer america. It’s a testament to the act of digging through the bleakness of everyday life to find something beautiful growing underneath, something that you weren’t expecting. This book is also about overflowing dumpsters, stupid men, catastrophic illness, hot queer makeouts, and a compost pile gone horribly wrong. It’s about solidarity, kale, girl love, and the families we make when our other families leave us behind.

IMPORTANT NOTE! if you live in the bay area and we know each other, please choose "zimbabwe" as the country and then email me to set up a dropoff time! and if you actually live in zimbabwe please just use the "everywhere else" shipping option.

BOOKS ARE SENT OUT BY MEDIA MAIL WHICH TAKES ABOUT 1-2 WEEKS AND CAN TAKE MORE. I pack them well but sometimes they can get knocked around, and I can't send you a new one if it arrives looking like hell. If you want your book sent priority mail, it will get there faster and probably look less jacked up when it arrives. it will cost an additional $3.00. Choose the "Virgin Islands" shipping option (sorry this is so complicated and weird! Big Cartel won't let you write notes on shipping options :( )